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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Did I really just take a plane to Africa?

I am here safe in Legon, Ghana. I arrived late Monday evening to a hostel with no running water. I have been eating nothing but rice and I feel like a real contestant on survivor, except there are no fun games to play, no million dollars, and no one to vote me off so I can go home to Josh and my puppy. This will be a short post just to let the world know I am here and I am reaching within myself to figure out what drove me to make this journey. I know my foundation is sound but questions I never asked myself about who I truely am have been popping up by the millions since I arrived.

On a weird side not I saw a giant monkey chilling on a leash in someone's yard, during my walk yesterday. Hugs to everyone who is reading and I hope to have some good stories and pictures for you soon

Love from the other side of the globe,



  1. You went out there to discover the world using a different venue than books and movies, and you are one of the few brave ladies who was willing to do it alone!! You will be fine, just keep your mood light and humourous(i.e. no over dramatizing a situation). You have a natural ability to draw people to you, so you don't need to try harder, just be your self!! If I have to fly out there to remind you how awesome you are, I will :) Love you!


  2. I am following your adventure friend, living through your words and photos. I am so excited to continue checking in on all the amazing things you are doing, and the beautiful places you will see. Stay safe friend, miss you ♥

    Greeting from The United States,