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Monday, January 18, 2010

"Should I Stand In The Bucket?"


We have lost power, water and wait for it...

they evacuated my building last night at 4:00 am. The security guards kept screaming everyone out there has been an earthquake!!!! DON'T WORRY! It was a Country-wide prank. News spread fast over the radio and the whole country was freaking out thinking there was an earthquake in Accra. Silly Ghanians :)

I had my first bucket shower today. It felt amazing to just be clean after three days of intense heat and no power. I am now a proud owner of a hand woven fan. Having no air conditioning this summer, in NC, was definitely not enough training for the heavy humid heat of equatorial Ghana!


Theresa aka "Yaa" (Thursday Born)


  1. Theresa, just wanted to tell you I'm an avid fan of your blog! I'll be thinking of you. And I've been bragging about you at work, telling everyone how cool I think it is! (work friends are really interested too! and even some of my client's with disabilities).

    But can you tell us how it all started? I couldn't figure it out by just reading facebok posts. Are you there alone? Did you go with an orginization? How did you get involved and what do you hope to accomplish while there? I'm starting a Theresa support network! ;o)

    Much Love and Peaceful thoughts your way,

  2. Theresa, I shared your email with the folks I work with. They are all impressed with your quick thinking in an emergency situation. Who but you would think to go in a store and buy what was needed. If a store wasn't there, I bet you would have found something else, You are so creative. Kurt, the computer wizard that he is, made one click and found your blog which I have been trying to find for several days now. Technology and I just don't mix. Let us know what other food you have tried and like. Red red sounds lovely. Love,hugs and kisses, Mom